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The world’s largest idol of Hanumanji built in the historical city of Shukteerth in the year 1687. Its height is 72 feet together with its stoop. Seven hunderd crores of names written on papers has been kept inside of it. In order to make this huge idol, famous writer of India and editor of Shri Krishna message’ , Mathura Revered Shri Sudarshan Singh Chakra ji took the cooperation of his devotees. He thus rendered his praiseworthy cooperation for the development of this holy place.
When Revered Shri Sudarshan Singh Chakra ji met Supreme Shri Swami Kalyandev ji Maharaj with the proposal of making a huge and beautiful idol for Shukteerth an wanted the blessings for it from him. Shri Swami ji agreed and gave his full cooperation.At that time Shri Chakraji said that Shri Swami ji has removed my all worries regarding idol making.Revered Swamiji vowed that he would not take food till the work idol making of Hanuman ji does not start.Swamiji fulfilled his vow.The idol is located at a short distance from Shukdev Temple on the bank of Ganges.The idol was made by efficient workman Shri Keshav Ram of Sahdol. Shri Inder kumar ji rendered his praise wothry cooperation and got it completed in one years time.Now a days he is Manager/Director of it .In the courtyard, around the huge idol of Hanuman ji, rooms have been constructed for residential purpose for devotees, saints etc. On the right side of the idol of Hanumanji, the temple of Lord Rama (Ramdarbar) and the temple of Shri Radha Krishna are located, the hut of Revered Shri Sudarshan Chakra ji is located behind these temples.There is a beautiful temple of Bhagvan Shanker ji to the right side of the idol of Hanuman ji and located nearby a beautiful temple of Ma Bhagvati Durga ji. There is a beautiful yajnashala in front of this huge idol. There is also a open courtyard in front of it . On the one side of it is kath-manch. Devotees meditate here and worship Hanumanji. This place is known as Hanumadham.The idol of Hanumanji has added one more feather to the beauty of this holy place.

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Uttar Pradesh in North India is the place where all religious meet to make India a united religious diversity.Uttar Pradesh – popular among Hindus as the birth place of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna – abounds with sacred places that are signposts of every religion ans faith.Among these sacred places are Ayodhya, Mathura, Vrindavan,Prayag,kashi (the abode of Lord Shankara), Hastinapur (the capital of the epochal Pandavas), and Shuktar. Although Ayodha, Mathura ,Vrindavan and Kashi draw thousands of devotees everyday, Shuktar is where deliverance awaits those who seek cosmic salvation.

Shukteerth & Maharaja Parikshit

He was the son of Abhimanyu and uttara and the grandson of Arjuna. When he was in his mother’s womb, Dronacharya’s son Asvatthama released a brahamastra to kill him. It took the power of Lord Krishna’s Sudarshan Chakra to save him. He watched the Lord Kirshna fight the flames coming out of the brahmastra. The Lord has reduced himself to the size of a thumb. He had a beautiful dark body and wore a resplendent attire and a blazing gold helmet. Just like the sun which evaporates a drop of dew with its heat,the Lord was vanquishing the radiation of the brahmastra even as the child watched on.

to be continued…

Introduction of Shukdevji Mahara

In the Santi Parv Mokshadharma of the Mahabharata, Ved Vyasa has described the story of the birth of Shukdevaji.A brief description of the event follows :

Once Lord Shiva, along wth his evilspirits, was wandering atop the Menu Mountain. Mata Parvati was also with him. At that time, ved Vyasa prayed to Lord Shiva for a son who would be a luminous as fire, as tolerant as the earth, as wide as the sky and as fast as air.Lord Shiva gave his blessings readily.

After getting blessing from Lord Shiva, on day Vyasa was churning arni (wood used for havan ) to obtain fire. Suddenly, a boy as brilliant as fire came out from the kund. He was named Shukdeva.

At that very moment, the Ganga appeared and performed his consecration. All material required for meditation fell from heavens and the Gods prayed for him.The air showered flowers on him.Lord applause was heard all around. Every one were pleased. Bhagwan Uma Shanker performed the sacred thread ceremony of Shukdevaji. Indra offered divine clothes, a rod and a pot to him. Soon after his birth, hukdevaji left for the forest.

In addition to this, there is one another tale known as the Amar Katha, which was narrated by Lord Shiva to Mata Parvati on Mount kailash. The Amar katha is in fact Bhagvata katha itself and while it was being narrated by Lord Shiva, a parrot heard it. Fourteen years after this incident, the parrot took birth as the son of Vyasa, became famous as Shukdevaji.

When Shukdeva was leaving for the forest, his father Vyasa followed him. He passed a group of women bathing in the Ganga. The women, on seeing Shukadevaji, did not cover themselves despite the fact that he was not wearing any clothes. However, When Vyasaji passed by fully clothed, the women hurriedly veiled themselves.Vyasaji asked the women the reason behind the difference in their reactions to him and his son. They replied that Vyasaji was able to differentiate between men and women. But his son did not know the difference between the two. He always kept himself engaged in Brahma. So, it was useless for the women to keep themselves veuled before Shukdevaji.

Incidentally, this shuktal is the place where Srimad Bhagavata katha was spoken by Shukdevaji.

‘We pay our obeisance to Shukadevaji, the best of mystic sages and a manifestation of the absolute truth. He saved Maharaja Parikshit, who was bitten by a snake, from material existence.’

Shiv Dham


This sacred place has a number  of huge idols. There is an huge idol of God Shanker at a distance of one kilometer from and on the North-west of Shukdev Temple.

Its height is 101 feet.

Ganesh Dham


In Ganesh is Ganeshadhipati and counters all obstacles and bestows all successes.Ganesh is remembered at the outset of all auspicious occasions.

Overwhelmed with zealous spirit, a religious personality Lala Shukhbir Singh ji and a generous and social worker Lala Lakshmi Chand Singhal ji, both resident of Muzaffarnagar, consecrated the celestial idol of Ganesha which is 35 feet high.

This idol of Ganesha is unique by itself. On its left side the holy river Tripatha is flowing and on its right side is vat vriksh, located in Shukdeva Teela and on its back side is a huge idol of Pawanputra Hanumanji. These all add one more feather to the beauty of the idol of Ganesha.